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    And it is driving me NUTS! I have turned off using network time to manually set the clock, and it keeps jumping forward and hour.

    On the flip side- my gmail is always a hour behind, and I can't solve that for the life of me, either.

    I sync with google, so I'm wondering if there is some weird thing going on between my phone and google sync? I wish they would split the difference and get the time right...

    I have checked my pc time clock, read numerous help articles, and nothing is working! It is seriously getting on my nerves. I don't wear a watch, and it really throws me off not knowing what the time *really* is when I go out.


    The Treo Pro is a new-to-me phone. So this didn't start happening all of a sudden- it has been happening since I got it and set it up about a week ago.
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    Does anybody really know what time it is; does anybody really care... Take some deep breaths and be happy that each of your providers is erring exactly an hour, and in known and consistent, fashions. Enjoy solving these very interesting puzzles. I don't use google for anything, but I agree with your sense that the cause of your problem is grounded there. Have you experimented with not syncing with them for a chunk of time? Only suggestion is that you ignore google so that at worst you'll be early for all your dates and appointments .
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.

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