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    Okay - rather irritating bug with this phone (I realize there are many bugs, LoL).

    I'll hit the button to go into the text messaging - and it won't respond. You can hit it, hit it, hit it...continue hitting it, hitting it. Nothing. I'll have to literally reset the phone to get it back. And no it's not just related to the actual mail button itself. Even going through the start menu you can click on messaging and it just sits there - as if there is no messaging. Anybody else have this issue with this phone? I'm on Sprint...
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    Nope, I don't get that problem here. Maybe you have a corrupt mail / SMS message that is messing up the system.
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    Nah, it seems to be doing it all the time. I saw a post about the SMS "freezing" on here with this phone and am wondering if that's what they are talking about.
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    No experience with that problem on my STP either. Is it both the button and option-button that aren't working? Are both mail and texting not showing up on neither button or through Start? What about clicking the icons directly in the Programs folder?

    Some ideas: It sounds like a software issue given that the button will work after a reset and one or more programs are not available through other shortcuts either. Any chance that a recent install is interfering with that key assignment -and your other mail hooks. Or a bluetooth pairing? Have you tried assigning messaging to another key -perhaps one you do not use as often? And try assigning your current messaging key to another function. If it doesn't work for that new assignment either, I'd claim to Sprint that it's a general hardware issue and seek a replacement, mentioning politely in passing that you've been waiting for the PrePlus but may not be able to wait for Sprint now that the STP has become an unproductive tool and major headache. (Notice that I skipped the least helpful, last-resort suggestion of a hard reset. Sprint will absolutely recommend that anyway, even as a first solution.) Good luck!
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.

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