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    Hello All,
    I have a 3yrs old and a 1yr old and things tend to stop working after they touch them. Their latest victim happened to be my Sprint Treo 800w which was flashed to work on the network of Pocket Communication (which got bought out recently by Cricket Wireless).
    At first I used to receive and send MMS but all of a sudden it stopped working. I can only send regular text now. I still have the Internet working.
    I have the sprint softwares currently install. (One is the and the other is the then I have downloaded a program label (enable Palm, which shows up as Ebag enable palm MMS in the phone).

    For the Internet under Modem it reads
    Under Modem Setting I have

    Name: my connection
    Number: #777
    Selet a Modem: Cellular Line
    Username: mycellnumber@ 1x.pocket . com
    Password: mycellnumber

    Under the Advance Tab User server-assigned IP address is selected

    Under Proxy Setting I have

    Http Proxy: Port 9200
    Wap Proxy: Port 9200
    Secure Wap: doesn't have any setting
    Socks: is empty without any setting

    My registry read
    Default : (value not set)
    CallbackNumber: my actual cell number
    EmaiCenterNumber: 6245
    LastKnownSmsMMmsPolicy: 1
    LogginEnabled: 0
    MmsUrl: mms/ /servlets /mms
    NetworkProfile: The Internet
    UseMnaualNetworkSettings: 1

    Can anyone see something wrong in my settings? why can't I send or receive MMS now when I once use to do it?

    Thank you all in advance
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    it seems like I won't be getting any help with this problem
  3. #3 <<< i haven't seen this setting i put that any where it askes for anything web or wap... does the web work on that phone????

    MmsUrl: mms/ /servlets /mms

    should be something like in other phones the setting is displayed as


    ^ when i program a phone that just asks for one phone only sends mms no receive

    ^ when i see it twice then it sends and receives

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