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    I can't run some programs....says I need to uprade the framework..... the Compact Framework 3.5 is a .msi file, not a .cab. How do I run a .msi file?
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    attached please find the .cab file for the update of to 3.5. now remember to save it to your device, not your memory card
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    Thanks. I've searched and searched, I can't find a .cab file, only a .msi file. Does anyone have a link to a .cab?
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    It appears that the .msi is a Microsoft Installer file... a compressed file that needs to be extracted to access the files contained within. Alright, I think I've got it, now to make it happen....
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    OK for anyone interested, here's what you do:

    Go here and download file onto your computer: Download Confirmation

    Connect your phone to the computer and run Active Sync if it didn't start automatically. After Active Sync is running, run the NETCFSetupv35.msi file you just downloaded to your computer and it will install the .cab file onto your phone.

    Viola, she's done.


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