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    This section of the forum looks kind of dead, so to stir things up a bit, I recently send my sammy moment to insurance due to it kissing the concret and shattering in to couple peices.

    So this led me to bring out my treo 800w to use as a backup, and to tell you the truth, the treo is soo easy to use one handed and I feel like that even though this phone is old hardware wise, it is still fast and snappy, and the one handed operation is amazing. I find that I do things 3 times quicker on this phone than my moment, and the reception is better in the building where I work.

    So even though Palm is now part of HP and never seemed to recover from the past, the phones they designed really made life easier even after using the latest and greatest. It amazes me after using all the new tech and a phone as simple as 800w still makes me feel that this phone can actually keep up with what I want to do and feels like a natural part of me rather than working aginst me.

    Well this is my boring thoughts for the day.
    Treo 650>XV6700>Moto Q>BB Curve>Moto Q9>Treo 700wx>Treo 800w>Samsung Moment
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    the only phone ill switch to at the moment is the treo pro. which sprint doesn't even sell anymore. I think the treo windows line is superior to a lot and overlooked. if u get the spb software shell..its amazing. I hope that hp can add on to the windows line for wm 6.5 and install an accelerometer and a higher res screen which ipaq was the to manage to do with a 640x480 screen around 5 years ago. also upgrade to a much faster processor..such as the 600mhz or even up to the 1.0 ghz which I think hit the market in a phone.

    I do no like the new wm7 that is based off the zune. so I think ill be stickin with my treos for a long time.
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    I know what you mean. I have been seriously considering the HTC EVO 4G from Sprint. In all respects it is light years ahead of the 800w in tech what with all the Android apps, 8 megapixel camera, 720p HD video, even HDMI. It's amazing that the Treo 800W was just being "announced" by the press exactly 2 years ago, July, 2008. I have my Treo for about a year and 4 months and with all the new HD2's and EVO and iPhone 4's, amazing that the 800w seems outdated and ancient. So I just dropped by a Sprint store and spent 30 minutes with the EVO struggling a little to get past the learning curve. And then went outside and picked up my 800w to check a text message. No way can I get things done as quickly on the EVO as the 800w. Phone calls, contacts, text messaging, email all are way faster on the 800w. Probably in part because I have Windows 6.1 and the keyboard shortcuts completely down on the 800w. And also because of the awesome physical keyboard on the 800w. But so what? I feel like I have to move on. I can't keep using Treos for the rest of my life, but I realize I may never come across a "better" solution.

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