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    sorry if this isnt the proper place... just wanted to get thought on that. I have had the Treo Pro since the day it came out. Had to replace with new piece 8 times. Stupid speaker and earpiece would always go dead. Froze all the time and had to soft reset all the time. Even had to do a few hard resets and spritebackup to get all data and custom changes back. I loved it for a long time and always did MOST of what I needed it to do. But I really can't wait to upgrade this thing. Time for something new ... 3 weeks to go.

    As with almost all phones... i know im going to get this new phone and it will have problems, but they'll straighten it out soon enough.
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    I've had a Treo Pro since day one also, never had any hardware problems, in fact have never hard reset my unit at all. Soft reset and back up regularly, no problems with the "stupid" speaker or earphones at all.

    As with all phone/PDA's is a compromise and excel at some tasks, and not so at others, but that is true of all current devices. The Treo Pro is not prerfect but is certainly a very capable device when used properly.

    Perhaps I am doing someting right, or you may be doing something really wrong...
    Have a great one...Doc D.

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    My STP has also worked very well in these areas and have only had to soft-reset once. This speaker is as good as any I've had. The bars barely register sometimes, but the radio works fine every time and doesn't let go. The only thing that doesn't work well at all is mail alerts, but I'm not as compulsive about mail as I used to be. You may want to post this in Other Handhelds, although your intent is probably a push vs. a pull claim. I'm waiting for a Win 7option myself, and then will pick one or wait for a Sprint BB 9700 or its successor. Enjoy your Eventual Evo.
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    So, did you get it?
    What ever you want, get it done at Where competition bids value!

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