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    I bought a used Treo 800W off of ebay. I downloaded and installed the [beez] Palm Treo 800W drivers. Connecting the phone via USB cable and then dialing ##DIAG#, XP recognized the phone and three entries showed up under Device Manager:
    1) [beez] Palm Treo 800W ##Modem Port (Com10)
    2) [beez] Palm Treo 800W ##Diag Port (Com9)
    3) [beez] Palm Treo 800W ##Unused Port (Com4)

    Prior to activation, QPST/QXDM detected the phone with no problem and I was able to look at memory, data, and everything else with QXDM. I then activated the phone, including data (I have an unlimited Sprint Vision plan). Everything works as it should including phone calls, web browsing, email, voice mail, etc. Now after activation however, when I connect the phone the same way as before via USB cable to my laptop and dial ##DIAG#, XP recognizes the phone as before and the three entries show up under Device Manager. QPST recognizes the phone also. However, when I start QXDM, QPST/QXDM toggle back and forth between recognizing the phone for a very brief moment (maybe a second) and then immediately switch back to not recognizing it (which lasts for 17 seconds). This process continues until I shut down QXDM. After shutting down QXDM, QPST once again continually recognizes the phone. So QXDM is having a problem with something after the phone has been activated, but I can't determine what it is.

    Does anyone know what's going on here and help me get QXDM working again??? Any insight as to what's going on here would be extremely appreciated. Thanks!!!
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    You installed now comports now so just add the comm port in qspt all will be fine
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    Thanks vdsvin, but I did add the comm ports to QPST. QPST recognizes the phone with no problem, but when I start QXDM, then QPST doesn't recognize the phone and then it does recognize the phone for a very brief moment, then doesn't recognize the phone again, and it toggles back and forth with recognizing then not recognizing it.

    Every now and then, the phone will lock up after selecting a different DIAG USB Mode, meaning if I select Diag + Data passthru when Diag passthru is currently selected (or vice versa), the Windows twirling icon just sits there spinning away. I have to take out the battery to get the phone back to "normal".
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    And another thing, when the toggling occurs, the data and signal strength icons on the phone toggle as well, meaning that the go from showing a data connection and full strength signal to no data connection (an X) and no signal strength.
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    And yet another thing, this happens on TWO laptops. I was able to look at stuff with QXDM prior to activation on both laptops. Once the phone was activated, QPST/QXDM act as described above on both systems.

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