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    I have used the Treo Pro and 800W over the past 1.5 years. I would give the edge to the 800W. This is WinMo Pro version 6. If you accept that both of these phones are solid choices

    Treo 800W Pros
    1. Keyboard is solid
    2. The today screen has Palm features which makes a big difference!
    3. Much easier to use with one hand.
    *It lacks the headphone jack, cool look over the pro. The screens are about the same. The camera is the same.

    Treo Pro Pros
    1. Thinner
    2. bigger battery, I found that the battery last slightly longer than the 800w
    3. Looks better

    With all their faults, the Treo 800w is definitely a better smartphone. Yes we can say the camera is mediocre, the screen is resistive, emails don't come as fast as BB's, and it's dated. They are still great smartphones for what smartphones are originally designed to do. Simplify day to day life. Iphones are great systems and has a trillion apps to download, but it's only with AT&T, the battery is not removable. I-phones are fun, but I need a phone to simplify my life! If I wanted a toy, I will buy an Itouch
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    This was a fun read for me as I have recently decided to abandon the single-tasking Garnet (755p in this case) and move to the 800w or the Pro (as I have one of each). I decided to go incrementally - to the 800w, and from what you've said, it doesn't sound like I'll regret it. Thx!
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    And here I thought I was the only one left running the 800w...
    Over 2.5 years now on my very first 800w. Never used the backup 800w I picked up for $10, it's sitting on the shelf. This phone still does what I need daily, syncs well, provides internet access for my laptop, allows me to VPN into my desktop, runs financial calculators, both internet based and onboard navigation packages loaded depending on environment (TomTom / Telnav). Also runs proprietary real estate database and electonic key software. Camera is adequate for documenting inspections. I found several headset solutions. Love the internal WIFI and Bluetooth. Not so in love with palm's orphaned imbedded sms only becuse it can not be exported into other readers or backed up the way windows sms can. Found workable battery solutions, either upgrade to the 2400 mAh for endurance or the one I like best is a couple of extra stock 1150mAh batteries I can carry in my pocket although usually unneccessary due to turning off all those extra alerts & vibe sales gimmicks. My car charging cradle makes up the difference. Nothing beats a palm keyboard for speed. Host USB adaptor is impressive with an external hard drive.
    Windows 6.0 operating system is far from perfect yet familiar enough to be intuitive and comfortable. A used 800w is still a bargain in the right hands.
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    Well, I went from a Centro, to a Pro, back to the Centro, and now to the 800.

    Gave my wife the Pro to go back to the Centro, but my fingers started to cramp up because of the tiny keyboard. (lots of emails) Then my brother gave me his old 800 and i just decided this Sunday to transfer over to it. My first issue was the no charge issue which seems to have been solved with the update cab.

    Read most threads around here and used just about every tweak posted.
    finally got it to where i feel its stable to get my emails, my calls, and texts.

    I love the keyboard. Theyre 100 times better than the centro and still better than the pro. Its heavier, but so are some of the newer phones. I enjoy the multi colored LED, the soft keys are also convenient. one huge plus over the Centro is the micro USB!!! Those old charges were HORRIBLE!

    The Pro looks sleeker, is lighter, and has some available custom ROMS (which the 800 doesnt.. but you add something and lose another with these ROMS). The reset button is also easily reached without having to remove the cover. Pro is a thumbprint magnet and a bit slippery whereas the finish on the back of the 800 feels more rugged and secure for holding.I can access my sd card easily on the 800, whereas the Pro needed to have the batt cover removed. (which isnt such a big deal)

    I enjoy the screen on the Pro and how it is lined up with the device. it doesnt "cave in" with the ridges on the side.

    One thing that might be a big negative for people is pictures in text coming in as a link (just like the centro did). The pro has the ability to display the image without using your browser to open. Unless ive missed it, i dont think the 800 is capable of it (withou sMMS, which is slow and updates are non existent)

    Ive got my 800 setup with:
    SPB shell
    SPB alarm app
    s2us unlock slide app
    google maps
    opera mini 5 (which ive noticed i cant use the "X" or "W" )

    Theres still a few apps that im gonna try out, but

    so far, so good.

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