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    I brought the phone on Feb, 10, 2010.

    Att started to charge the data plan on my Treo Pro after I've been using it for 2 months. There is no way I can return my TP at this moment.

    They said the only way that they can stop charging the data plan fee is that I go back to my original phone. I don't want to go back.

    Is there anyway I can turn off the 3G unlocked Treo Pro? I looked over the settings, but found nothing. Am I in the wrong place.

    Thank you.
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    What you want is turning off data, instead of 3G. You can still connect through EDGE when 3G is off.
    If they will charge you $30 data plan anyway, why do you want to turn off your data?
    It doesn't make sense unless they promise you that they will remove $30 data plan if you find a way to disable data.

    By the way, you can google the following key words to find some useful info.
    windows mobile disable data
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    Buy an ATT branded razr or some other "dumb" phone on ebay or off a friend. Put your sim in the dumb phone and go to ATT online customer support chat and say you bought a new phone and want to switch. Theyll ask for the imei number or whatever, give them the one on the dumb phone. After they make the change, cancel the data, put a data block on if you want, then swap sims back to the treo pro.

    This is how I got $15 data on my TP. Would also work to drop data all together.
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    There is an application called NODATA that can help you turn off 3G (or any other data connection). Just Google it / download it from Modaco. I use it when I go abroad and don't want to risk unwanted data charges.

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