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    I have a 2009 Ford with Sony 6CD radio.
    The original Bluetooth module of the car radio stopped working a few days ago (it was showing "audio muted" instead of the phone applications and it was impossible to pair, and the iPod connection also stopped working).
    Ford changed the BT module and now everything is back to normal.

    But there is a new function that was not there in the earlier version: "BT Audio".
    This option shows on the radio when selecting the sound source (CD, AUX, iPod, BT Audio). It allows me to listen to music from my Treo Pro with the car radio speakers. It could be a nice feature, however I use the iPod in the car for music so I do not need this.

    The problem is that because of this feature, my Treo Pro is now muted so I cannot listen to the Tom Tom voice anymore, unless I select the BT Audio on the radio. And this is annoying.

    In the BT settings of the Treo, in the properties of the Ford Audio device, I have deselected the "stereo wireless" leaving only the "hands free" option, but the Treo Pro remains muted.

    Any suggestion on how I can deactivate the BT Audio feature so that I can listen to my iPod and use the Treo Pro with Tom Tom being able to listen to the directions through the Treo Pro speaker ?

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    If I am understanding this right, it is because the Treo Pro has been paired to the Ford as a A2DP / stereo Bluetooth source, rather than a cell phone handsfree source.

    Hopefully the Ford has a cell phone profile available for pairing rather than the Bluetooth A2DP stereo profile. Delete the current pairing from both devices and try initializing the pairing from the Ford side (rather than initializing the pairing from the Treo Pro) and make sure you pair as a "cell phone" (handsfree device).

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