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    I asked this question last year and never got an answer or solution. Any feedback would be great.

    When I forward an email from my Pro the original email is an attachment to my message. Is there any way to prevent this and simply forward the content of the original email? I think making someone open an attachment when they receive the email is annoying. We are on Exchange 2007.
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    bump... looking for feedback.
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    Same issue here; on Exchange 2007 as well. The worst is if you forward to an Iphone it comes out as garbage.
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    I have the same issue. If you click on the attachment before sending it, it will forward as a full e mail.
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    Funny, I didn't think it happened on mine but it does I tried it forwarding off of the exchange server and to myself on the exchange server and both times it was an attachment.

    Never realized that....
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    Does anyone have a work around to prevent the forwarded email being sent as an attachment?

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