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    Is there a better way to do this yet?

    Right now I have to hook up phone to computer to sync it with outlook calendar, which I can sync with google calendar using a program on my computer, but is there any way to sync it on the fly?

    Goosync is an option but only syncs for the next 14 days, better than nothing I guess but is there a free one that syncs a year out or so?
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    I use goosync, I think it will sync for a year in advance, I also have another program called companionlink for google, it will sync with my desk top, and goosync will sync with google calendar, you can set both to sync on any time line that you want, anyway it works well for me, I sync more then one calendar, the google app will only sync one calendar.
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    Two ways.

    1. Install Google sync on your device. Pretty much all you to do.

    2. It was mentioned above. Use ActiveSync with gmail and you will never need to attach your device to computer ever again for contacts and calendar.
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