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    I am trying to like my winmo device, but little glitches like this keep preventing me from falling in love with this phone...and leave me missing the more troublefree Palm OS.

    I text a lot. If several texts pile up from the same person, I cannot delete the whole discussion thread from the inbox screen. I touch delete and the little wheel-spin icon just keeps going and going and will do so for hours if I don't do a soft reset. So, I have to go through and delete them one by one, which is a major pain in the ***** after a load of texts pile up. Deleting text messages should be a very basic function of a phone and not a major headache.

    Can someone please help me resolve this issue???

    Thanks in advance.
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    I take it that Pocket Outlook IS in threaded mode and that your problem is deleting entire threads from that mode?
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    I have the same problem. I send/receive about 2300 texts per month. I like keeping them but after a couple months the phone just bogs down because WinMo isn't designed to manage over 10,000 files well. It can take hours to delete. The fastest way is to do a full system backup with Sprite, do a hard reset and wipe the phone, then restore everything but "email" which includes texts. The whole process should take about 10-15 mins instead of hours. You're welcome
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    As I continuously mention, the email bog-down / corruption due to large email databases is NOT an exclusive WinMo problem. BlackBerries have the same problem, and they are desired for their "exceptional email system"!

    These are small devices with modest file systems, no redundancy and limited memory. You MUST houseclean your email and text systems and not be a obsessive hoarder of every text you get.

    Also remember something VERY important: when you hit "Delete" in your Inbox it just MOVES the email/text to the Deleted Item folder. You must empty the Deleted Items folder manually!.

    If, when deleting something, the system seems to "hang" go to the top of the folder's contents list and see if that text/email is being deleted (that is, the top-most item should be disappearing and replaced with the one below it). If it does not get deleted, and the system seems to be "stuck" on that one, tap&hold to get your popup menu and click "Delete" to force a manual deletion of that "stuck" item. Afterwards you (hopefully) will find that the system is now able to get past that "stuck" item and continue with deleting the balance of the items.

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