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    I've officially spent the entire day downloading/uninstalling cabs & reading posts (hannip - gee ur famous!) all the way back to 2007.

    I have hannip's threaded messages working just fine. Love it. Works great. Had it for month's & no problem.

    And I can *send* MMS messages w/pictures to other folks and they receive them just fine.

    I have tried installing Picture Mail, but get the "Not supported" message when I attempt to click "Configure Picture Mail".

    I've looked at registry settings, and 5 gazillion outdated posts about this..

    I just would like to be able to **receive** pictures... sooo frustrated.

    Or am I the only Treo Pro 850e person out here who's stuck like this?

    ... help!
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    Are you on Sprint? If so, The Palms Threaded Messagin App wont work for picture mail.

    I currently use sMMS (i think thats right) to view my pics. Apparently the Palm Messagin App works well with other carriers except Sprint.

    sMMS basically costs you $5. Works okay to retrieve pictures, but I havent seen an update, I posted on the forum and have yet to receive an answer. ( My GIFS wont play)

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