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    Do i need to install an Anti Virus application for my Treo Pro?
    If so, any recommendation?

    Thanks for advance?
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    I don't think that there are any reported instances of real virus outbreaks in Winmo.

    Also, as an aside and no offense intended but you seem to be starting a lot of threads with questions that have been asked and answered a number of times on here. Have you tried the search option first?

    I know you are new to the device and generally the people on here are happy to help but I suggest searching first.
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    I would have to agree with Dsol, however makes a mobile av program
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    No offense, but searching TC has to be one of the most inefficient -when not ineffective- of human endeavors. Besides, searches that give you old security info are not helpful. Speaking of old, some of our "sticky" information is historically interesting, but not very helpful to new owners especially -or returning owners like me
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    Quote Originally Posted by yanz011 View Post
    Do i need to install an Anti Virus application for my Treo Pro?
    That depends on what you mean by need. There are no viruses (or virii) in the wild for WinMo. If you transfer docs & pc files back & forth, it might help to prevent infecting someone's pc by transferring stuff from pc to phone to pc. If you don't do much of that, as has already been said, av isn't needed to protect the far.

    Someone mentioned Eset as a source for mobile av software. They are one of the best for pc av software. I'd expect the same quality for their mobile version. Also, Google flexilis, another very complete security app.

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