Treo 700wx was Verizon phone and had it flashed to Metro PCS service. Treo functioned as normal, with no limitations or complications. One Thursday, at exactly 7:47PM, my internet ceased to function properly. It would seem to go to the requested website (specifically craigslist), but for several days after it was only recalling the last time it had successfully connected with the site. All appeared normal, but it was displaying the same page from the previous Thursday between 7:30 and 7:47PM, and could not be refreshed to current. I played extensively with my connection settings but it didnt correct the issue. Then I set the settings back to how I found them.
After several days, the net started functioning again, but barely functioning. Generally it would stall out each time it would go to change pages- or screens- and it gave me the same two error messages over and over.
- Page cannot be displayed or downloaded because the connection was lost. Check the connection and try again.
- Page cannot be displayed because the server could not be found or a DNS error occurred.
It also started displaying a new screen requesting User ID and Password each time it changed screens. If I just "Okay"ed or "Submit"ed at this screen without entering any info, it would push past it to the next screen. But it does this every single time the page changes.
A couple of IT-capable friends have played with it and couldn't determine why the problem occurs. Out of frustration, I finally switched my service to another phone (not a PDA) and have been miserable since. I would love to have my Treo and its web functions working as it did initially.
I'm just not savvy enough to figure out what the hell it needs- can follow instructions but totally out of my element here. Can anyone assist?