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    I have a Sprint Treo 800w running WM6.1 and am using it with a hosted Exchange service, so any changes I make to my contacts, calendar, or tasks are automatically synchronized wirelessly. However, a lot of times I will take notes in the built-in notes app, and sometimes I keep the note I'm taking open to add more notes to it. I've had instances where I've kept the note open without saving it, and then my Treo 800w crashes and I have to soft reset it and I'll lose all my notes that I've taken. This is very annoying. I wish that the notes app would also wirelessly synchronize with Exchange, but unfortunately you have to connect it directly to a computer running Outlook and ActiveSync to get it to sync. Anyone know of any apps/services that offer the ability to take notes on the Treo 800w / WM6.1 device and then have them wirelessly sync (either with my exchange server, or to some other service)? I've heard about Evernote, but haven't had the chance to try it yet - any help is greatly appreciated!

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    The standard notes app does not sync. Have you looked at OneNote? It should be on your device and it syncs automagically. I no longer use it because there was a time when I did not pay close attention and zapped a note that was rather important.

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