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    Hello all.... I have several Word files that I sync to my Treo Pro. I had assumed they would sync to my storage card as that is how the settings are. I find they are not syncing to my storage card but filling up the memory of my phone. Bell says I cannot sync Word docs to my storage card, only the phone, which seems kind of odd.

    Can anyone tell me how to sync to my storage card as I update these files on a regular basis?

    Much appreciated..
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    Well I'm sure you already know this but you could just copy and paste the documents to your storage card once you sync them to your phone and then delete them from your phone.
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    I use MobSync. Works great. Syncs any and all my selected documents to the storage card whenever I connect to my PC. The trial version works for about 30 days and it is cheap to purchase after.
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    I used MobSync (PocketPCFreeware : MobSync 2.0.3) for a while. Now I connect ActiveSync via Blueteeth and manually copy files around. In my situation it is a bit faster.

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