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    Guys i'm desperate and i've had a lot of luck with you guys helping me in the past.

    Today i plugged in my phone to charge it and noticed the battery % wasn't increasing. I did a soft reboot and after the normal colorful screen with the line showing across the bottom the screen came back up blank (just a faint light in the background). I took off the back cover, removed the battery and the same thing happened. I pressed the reset key, same thing. I can't do anything to get the screen to respond. I can't even do a hard reset!

    I'm desperate without this phone since I am on the road. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.
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    You said you couldn't do a hard reset. Did you follow the following procedure?

    5 While pressing and holding End ,
    use the tip of the stylus to gently
    press and release the reset button.
    6 Continue pressing and holding End
    until the “Erase all data?” prompt
    7 Press Up to confirm the hard reset.
    8 Wait for the progress bar on the Treo
    logo screen to fill before continuing to
    use your smartphone.

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