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    My Sprint TP wakes up every few minutes for no apparent reason. I do have a spotty signal at home (though I did the NV GAIN hack already) and there is old thread on PPCG forum suspected it was because of weak signal and the phone trying to go into roaming (newbie, can't post link yet). I switched it to no roaming but that didn't do it. I may have to do reg edit to get roam only option.

    No data connection that I could see. I have S2U2 but that didn't help. Any suggestions?

    What's a good app to check current or recently active connections?
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    Also, whenever I check Task Manager, I see ActiveSync running even when it's not a connected to a PC and I already killed the processes. Looked around for settings but couldn't see any. Would appreciate some tips.

    EDIT: found Hannip's post to keep AS from running in the background. I had to do both disabling notification and setting dummy server source:


    EDIT 2: Sigh - ActiveSync no longer runs in the background, but the phone is still waking up periodically. Argh.
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    I noticed the same issue but only after i installed the TouchFlow cabs.

    I would notice the screen would turn on, and id figure there was a call or message coming in...but nothing.

    Went back to SPB shell and havent had the issue again.

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