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    just wanted to share a funny story ....

    a friend of mine accidently txt a message to his wife, instead of another #. BIG TROUBLE.... she called directly after receiving the message and he played it off that he was txting me a story and he would explain when he got home, and of course she said "WELL SAVE ALL YOUR TXTS CAUSE I WANT TO READ THEM" ....

    So he had about an hour before she got home and called me right away and we started thinking of a plan. So we just said "hey play it off and say you were telling me the story of some **** they were talking about in class". Now, he has a PALM PRE and i have a TREO. The only problem was all his messages are time stamped. AND ON HER PHONE AS WELL ....So that was the main problem ... which needed a solution quickly. We were talking on speaker phone and txt each other at the same time to try some stuff.

    So right away he said "let me try something" and he changes the time on his phone 30 minutes BEFORE he sent the txt to HER phone. So his phone now showed OLD TIME, but when i sent messages they would show the REAL CURRENT TIME from my phone....

    So we said hey change the time on the Treo too. So I changed it back 30 minutes to match his time and VUALA! We just traveled back in time... All the txt messages now had a time stamp from BEFORE he sent her the accidental txt. the other good thing about his Pre is he can delete individual messages (all our test ones)

    So the next step was to txt back and forth fabricating a conversation to build up to the reason to send the txt to me, that accidently went to her phone. Since the "alleged" txt sent to her phone at 11:58, we had to time it just right to make it look like he was answering back to me and accidently send it to her.

    So we timed it properly and even made a "opps i just sent it to her on accident" txt and then i made fun of him and played it off and said "have fun explaining that one" and talked about other stuff and then said i was taking off and had to go.

    So she gets home (slightly tipsy from leaving a party) and she checked out his phone and explained the whole thing and changed the subject and gave her some B===D and all is forgotten... (at least for overnight, well see when he gets home from work)

    In CONCLUSION ... with 2 cell phones is is possible to do "virtual time travel" and save a life or two, or maybe even cause some trouble or cover your tracks if you need to. ANYBODY GOT ANY SIMILAR STORIES OR OTHER LITTLE "HACK" IDEAS SIMILAR TO SHARE ???
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    in the pratical manner you reversed both time of phones, but in theory the network has rhe correct time b/c the time networks get thru this GPS system allocated for tellecomunications (I dont have the name), a summons of the phone bill would reveal that, but I don't think the wifey will go thru all that. Congrats, you just saved a marriage!
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    I suppose the wife doesn't do treocentral.
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    wow that is good to know could come in real handy
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    Quote Originally Posted by chestvrg View Post
    ...Congrats, you just saved a marriage!
    Probably postponed the inevitable, but we'll go with your version for now.

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