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    Has anyone experienced any issues with the Treo Pro and the vibration function no longer working?

    None of my settings have changed, but it stopped vibrating (in silent mode) when I receive phone calls or text messages.

    I have a stock, unlocked Treo Pro, direct from Palm.

    Thanks for any help...
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    You'd batter determine if it's hardware failure.
    Perform a full backup with built-in Sprite backup. Hard reset it and see if it vibrates again.
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    I've done that now - looks like it could be a hardware failure.
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    hopefully this gets you in time. it worked for me. put the switch in vibrate mode. then call your phone from another phone. when your phone should be vibrating shake vigorously. you might have to try shaking it at few different angles but this should fix it.
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    My Treo Pro suddenly stopped vibrating. I took it to a Sprint store that repairs them and the tech took off the back cover and found a piece of debris caught in the vibrator. He removed the debris and it worked! I carry my phone in my pocket and he said dust/debris probably entered the phone through the headphone jack which is an open hole directly into the phone. If you can obtain a Torx tool, you can easily check for this issue . Hope this helps!
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    same thing happened to me, then I accidentally dropped the phone and it started vibrating again normally....

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