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    So I dusted off the old 800w to give to my sister (she is still running a 700wx). I booted it up to see what data I left on it. I swear that the 800w seems faster, snappier.

    Granted the phone was just booted up & my TP tends to be on for a few days between reboots.

    Is the 800w faster? It sure feels that way, then again it does feel very clunky vs the TP's sleekness.

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    I've recently begun to use a new Treo Pro after using an 800w for a long time. (My wife still uses it.)
    I didn't notice much of a difference between the two in terms of speed, FWIW.
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    It is snappier than the Treo Pro. There is a speed chart created and posted by zbop that has the numbers which proves it. You can do a search. I believe the 800 has a 333Hz processor and the Treo Pro has a 400Hz processor. Something to do with the clocking.
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