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    Goodness... All of a sudden last night all of my text messages just straight up disappeared. The inbox, outbox, sent, etc. all just display blank white screens (with the menus still). My phone hangs when I try to send a message, and I no longer receive messages either... Anyone heard of this happening before? I don't care about losing the messages, but I would really like to be able to use texting again... I have tried numerous soft resets...

    Any thoughts?

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    Yeah Puzz... U r not alone...
    Same thing has happended to me (last night) and a few days ago and also to my wife on her treo as well on sprint.
    Buggy government monitoring software?
    It is frustrating.
    LUCKILY I use backupman and was able to retrieve my messages (I use txt as a kind of journal).
    Seems a little fishy to have so many other people having same issue at same time out of the blue.
    I would love to know the REAL DEAL on how/why this happens and a solution!
    LET US KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you know...and you read these..please take the time to respond!
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    Yeah, freaking weird stuff... Anyways I found a solution for my problems. I deleted the messaging database file which is in windows/palmMsgVol or something like that. I deleted the file and my texts started working again and my phone stopped freezing when I would try to send a text. I lost all my messages, but that's fine with me.

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