I use WMDC with Windows 7 (although this same problem existed with Vista).

I'll plug in my treo pro to sync up at the end of the day, everything will be fine and everything will sync up.

While at my computer I may add a few items here or there and the treo will continue to sync.

I may leave it plugged in for the rest of the night (1-2 hours maybe) until I'm ready for bed.

I then check my treo and I notice some of the last items I had created (generally over the last 30-45 minutes) did not sync from the computer to my treo.

So I plug the treo back in. Still nothing.

I create a new appointment and that syncs but I still have item(s) on my computer which did not sync to my treo. I then drag the item forward by a half hour on the outlook schedule and then drag it back; bingo problem solved.

I only notice this problem when I leave the sync cable attached for a long time (30 mins or more, but usually I notice it where its been 1-2 hours.

Some weeks it happens so many times that I lose all confidence that I was able to catch all the times this happened and, (afraid that I will miss something down the road) I kill the partnership and re-create it and that makes sure to sync everything.

But there has got to be a better way