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    Pls help:

    Is it ok if i will sync my Palm Treo 680 (PalmOS) to Outllok2007 then my Treo Pro (WinMo) also do ActiveSync with same Outlook2007?

    its like:


    Waiting for your reply..

    thanks guys!
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    I hope you only do this for data transfer /migration to a new platform. If so it will work without major problems. I did that a while back ago to transfer data from my old 700p to a new (at the time) ATT Tilt with WM6.0.

    I don't think is a good idea though to keep doing that if you plan to run both phones. I'd recommend doing this just to transfer data from one platform to the other. If you want to keep sync'ing both, set up one of the devices to be a receiver only (computer overrides handheld device) and let the other phone have a regular sync mode.
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