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    I see a lot of threads and posts about tethering the Treo 750 to a computer to use its modem for internet sharing. I've never had a problem doing that. But isn't there a way to make the computer recognize that same modem to be able to fax using a fax program on the computer? I also have a Treo 650 body still and couldn't get it to work with that either.

    Basically, I no longer have a landline for my home internet (I have what AT&T refers to as a dry loop) and I thought that I would be able to connect my Treo 750, or even the older 650, to my computer as a modem to send faxes from the computer.

    I do know about software fax programs via email that you can use on your PDA. But if anyone has suggestions on which of those are best I would be interested to hear about that too.

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    You can't use your Treo as a fax machine as it does not work the same way as a regular dial up phone (analog). It is more like your internet connection where you use it as VOIP (digital) which also does not let you use it as a fax.

    The option I know is having a gateway using a T-38 protocol to allow you to send faxes over computer networks, that may not work with your phone since stability and latency will be a problem for phone connections.
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    Unfortunately I'm not so technologically savvy, not quite understanding the the T-38 reference. But I'm assuming that's not something I would be trying to use or that would apply to me. But I do have a friend that has an old Sony Ericsson phone that he said he could fax through his computer's software. He couldn't remember the model number but he wondered if maybe a newer Sony Ericsson phone could be used this way. He said he used to do this years ago. The phone is now about 6 years old. He even said if he could find it I could have it. But wouldn't there be other phones that could accomplish this? That would be a SIM card phone (I have AT&T), that I could switch out just to accomplish sending faxes?
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    The older the phone, chances are it may be possible but nowadays, with the digital network connections, it has changed. That is why even your phone changes to keep up with the changes in technology. It is not just the SIM, but more of the phone's radio technology that changed.

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