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    Does anyone know how to send a photo attached to a text message on the 800w? When I select a photo and his "Send", the SMS option is grayed out. I can email the image but I can't text it. And yes I use text messaging all the time. Not sure why SMS is grayed out when trying to send a photo.
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    You need to have the Picture Mail application installed. Save it to your memory card so you'll have it forever. Install the CAB on your device (not memory card). Select the picture you want to send then press the menu button. Then select picture mail.

    For some reason I cannot attach the Picture Mail file. If you want me to email it to you then PM me your email address. Or you can do a search on this site or Google it.
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    Go to your sprint sowtware store on your phone then

    click on Free/demo

    then click picture mail application available now

    then download

    to send picture u must still go to pics and videos and then hit menu then select send picture mail and then menu agian and select contacts and go ahead picture mail away

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    Thanks Bret69. It worked! Not the obvious solution but nice to have the new capability to text pictures on the 800w.

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