I am continuing to have the issue with my Treo 700w on Verizon muting my mic for certain calls. Speaking with Palm they said it's a hardware issue and needs to be sent it. It could be hardware but the fact that sometimes it does and sometimes it does not and it is always for the duration of the phone call (it either does not work at all or will work perfectly until the next call) makes me believe it is a software issue.

I currently have "TREO700W -1.23-VZW" listed for my software version. Palm insists I cannot downgrade the software but since it is possible to install custom roms it must be possible to downgrade, right? This problem started shortly after installing the 1.23 update (I think).

Since the phone is useless unless fixed I would be happy to try different Roms if there is ANY chance of it fixing the issue (or at least confirming that it IS a hardware issue).

What should I try?

Thanks for any help!