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    Just curious. I am tempted to buy an iPhone as I am more and more jealous of the apps and large screen. I played around with one in an Apple store a few days ago and I was actually impressed with my ability to type on the touchscreen. I am just wondering if any of you folks have one or are also considering a switch.
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    I am very much considering the switch. Couple things stopping me, however, first.. my wife and I pay 60 dollars total for 1000 minutes, unl texting, unl data. second.. the iphone does not have a notification light that blinks, third.. the ipone does not have preset text messages. I send an "I love you" with every text on my Treo pro and its real quick.. with the iphone, I would have to type it every time. Might pull the trigger when the new one comes out this summer.
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    I agree, Steve, those are all negative points for me, too. I am also not sure how well I will be able to deal with lack of hard buttons for launching my most frequently used apps. My wife will definitely get one in a few months, and I will probably wait till then to play around with hers (though she won't let me jailbreak it until I have one and show her how much better a jailbroken iPhone can be). Anyhow, thanks for the post.
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    I actually switched from an iPhone to the treo pro, gave the iphone to my wife. My phone use is 90% business, 10 % play, touchscreen only devices don't fit into that usage for me. The key thing about the TP is ease of one handed use, buttons and key combinations that can get me to applications quickly.
    the iPhone is a stop and go phone, you have to stare at the screen and do a couple of screen taps to get to your programs.
    A good example is switching on bluetooth, because it's such a high power consumer I can't leave it on permanently. Often I switch it on once I'm in the car and driving, for the iphone that was nearly impossible without endangering myself. With treo pro it's one hard key press, 3 presses of d pad down then press center button all without looking at the screen.
    My wife loves her iphone and finds my phone " too complicated". I often pick up hers to surf the web and for google maps, of course the itunes/ipod integration is unmatched, just depends on what your type of usage is before you decide on the purchase.
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    I tried the HTC Hero which also does not have a physical keyboard. I found myself not returning text messages, I would call because I didn't want to type. When emails would come in I also found myself waiting until I got in front of my computer to return them. Apps are cool but they don't replace the need for a physical keyboard to me.
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