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    Unfortunately I cracked my screen. Can someone tell me my best alternatives to a replacement. I called Palm and they want $199 to fix it. I can buy the Dell Pro for less.

    Any suggestions please?
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    I just replaced my digitizer from my Treo Pro. Bought the part from eBay. Wasn't difficult at all. Would recommend you buy a new screen from eBay and go from there.
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    And here are instructions for disassembling your Treo Pro for replacing the digitizer.
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    This actually worked.

    I found the screen on eby for $30

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    I've found a replacement on eBay pretty cheap, but the listing specifically states it is for GSM phones and not CDMA.

    Could there possibly be a difference?
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    I just dropped my Palm Treo Pro and cracked the LCD screen. The left bottom corner is just fine, then the crack and no picture, I can see a bit at the right top corner. I really liked this phone I would like to fix it. It is the LCD that is cracked not the digitizer. I can still use it to make calls, check email and texts through all the normal selections (keyboard and tapping the screen) but it isn't really functional without being able to see the middle of the device.

    I have located the replacement parts on ebay etc but I can not figure out exactly how to get to the screen. I have the back opened and was able to disconnect the first cable (and tape) but now I am stuck.

    I can't seem to find a video to help at any of the usual sites.
    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    The front right edge of my treo pro got a tiny dent in it and now you can see where it looks like it "broke" the seal in the screen. When the screen is off and not being used you can see the area where the original dent occured because it is black and then you can see a pattern where this black spreads inward to the screen and a few black dots around it. When the screen is on I can see everything fine the black areas become extra bright in fact but when the screen is off those areas become black. Is it possible to replace the outer screen and repair this?

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