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    I believe there was a review article at WMExperts about the Intrepid. If I am not mistaken, has great specs on paper, but the software implementation, particularly their version of TouchFlow, was poor.

    I have never used one so I have no first hand knowledge of it.
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    There was/is the Samsung Epix, which actually has better specs than the Treo Pro (stock 1800 mAh battery, 624 MHz CPU, 150MB internal storage). However, there was a serious bug involving the radio constantly switching back and forth between EDGE and 3G that ultimately killled the radio until you did a soft reset. As a result, people didn't even know they weren't getting calls/SMS until they reset and they had a ton of voicemail waiting for them. AT&T and Samsung released some patches, but I didn't bother following up to see if it ever truly resolved the problems.
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    I put the Epix aside and bought the Treo Pro. I loved the form factor of the Epix and the optical mouse. I hated the bug you mentioned, that the phone would just go stupid and your caller could not hear you speak, that they broke the GPS with the ID-1 update, the weekly freezes requiring battery pull, and a bunch of other quirky bugs. I'm waiting for Samsung to release the WM6.5 update ... I'll flash the Epix, play with WM6.5 a bit, then Ebay the phone. I don't trust it or Samsung any more.

    Love the Treo Pro though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NRG View Post
    Not too sure if I am buying the scroll ball. But, I guess that is one trade off for a larger screen.
    That picture is a photoshop creation, htc has not released official pictures yet.
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