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    So, my phone stops charging after I start using WMWifiRouter. If I start the program before I plug in my phone, it won't charge at all. The icon on the today screen with show "charging" status, but the red light will not turn on and the battery will slowly die. I have to soft reset the phone to get it to recognize that's its plugged in so it will charge.

    This just recently started happening--I had previously used WMWR and my phone would fully charge even as I surfed the net.

    Any ideas why this might happen or what I can change that might fix it?
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    try a hard reset but dont let it restall wifirouter do that yourself
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    Last night after I posted this, I kept the phone on a ziploc'd bag of ice to keep it cool. It charged the whole time, though not as timely as it usually does. WMWifiRouter said my battery temp was up to 114 degrees before the ice pack and eventually dropped to about 94ish. I'm guessing the battery is overheating and causing this? Hm, it has never been that hot before.
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    ive noticed my battery gettting a little hotter than normal using wifirouter

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