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    Quote Originally Posted by SandersJC1964 View Post
    Cool. Good to know. Thanks!

    no prob. man!!
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    I do not yet see this on the Palm site...anyone in the know?
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    It is on the Palm site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mbw163 View Post
    Im having the same problem now as Kangy above me. ^^
    I'm surprised this isn't a sticky yet, as I'm sure this affected pretty much everyone. eh.


    I'm not a programmer nor know very much about the 'workings' of WinMo. However with my OCD and addiction to fiddling until I stumble accross a fix worked here.

    1) Download the .cab from the palm site (not sure if this step is necessary but I saw the .cab from there was a lot larger and the site claims to repair previous messages so I did it for hell of it, not sure if this is required or not, I guess you can try to skip this and see if the rest of my 'fix works' without it. Up to you.

    2) Run the palm .cab on your phone and when prompted to uninstall the previous .cab before installing the new one select yes. Install will continue and device will reset.

    3) Now you will notice the inbox shows correct/proper date stamps for all 2010 messages, however it still may be out of order despite resorting the inbox.

    4) Locate all effected message threads that are not sorted properly (they will be the ones above any new ones sent or received since installing the patch) best way is send yourself a test text to get a starting point.

    5) Go into each mis-sorted 'thread' and delete the most recent text (don't worry you will get it back if your worried about that) - This will 'refresh' that thread I guess (again not a programmer, so have no idea what it really does, I just know it works) and put it where it belongs in the timeline.

    6) Once you do that you will see your inbox is properly sorted with the actual newest text on the top (or bottom depending on how you sort). Yay!

    7) *Optional* Go into your deleted items and move the recently deleted texts back to their proper places (inbox or sent items) This will replace them in the 'thread' but the sorting will stay true to the proper timeline.

    Again, not sure why this works, or how it works, but it did for me, so if you have OCD or just hate having to scroll past 'old' texts to find the new ones hiding somewhere this should "reorganize" your inbox for you.
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    Just wanted to say that Kangy's solution does work.

    A couple things that I noted while going through his steps. First off, I couldn't remove the original patch all the way, but I installed the one listed on Palm's website anyway. Also, I noticed on Palm's website, that to uninstall the patch you would have to hard reset the device!

    I also wasn't able to get back my text messages back into the thread after doing the "copy to saved." No worries, they weren't important. I am running hannips hack/mod so that I have the Palm threaded text messaging like the old Treo 800w.
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    mbw163. Try moving the deleted texts back to the 'inbox' not the 'saved items'. Not sure if it will help though as I'm using the default poutlook sms.
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