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    I currently have a treo 750 with WM6. It works great for tethering, and all I have is a $25 unlimited data plan. I have been considering a move to the Pro, but I really don't want to mess with a good thing. Does WM6 on the Pro offer the same feature? Does it have AT&T highlighted in the options for which network to use? The Pro looks very nice, but 'if it ain't broke don't' fix it' type of mentality has made me hesitant. Does anyone here us the Pro in a similar manner? Results? Thanks and all the best.
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    I use WMWiFiRouter, much better than tethering, IMO.
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    i use the regular tethering via bt on my mac and usb on my dell and its works great granted not as fast as wifirouter but it gets the job done just fine for me. you can either pay 30 bucks for wifirouter or do some simple reg edits and tether for free and they both work great but thats totally up to you
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    I use PDANet. So, now you have three choices. Since WifiRouter & PDANet are paid apps, but have trial versions, try all three. ICS is included on the GSM TP. I'm not sure about the Sprint model. I suggest trying them because different people seem to have different succeess with all three. So, see which one works best for you.
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    Ive got a "cough cough" good version of wifi router if ya want it.
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    There's a ICS hack/cab available for the Sprint TP that allows you to use free stuff, but I couldn't get it to work. Using USB Modem for both my MacBook Pro and Samsung XP netbook, works like a charm, cost me $10 (special deal down from $20).

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