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    I just got a treo pro from ebay and tried to do a hard reset to get rid of old contacts and stuff. After it prompts, Erase All data? I click up and the screen turns black. After about 10 minutes I decided to pull the battery and put it back it. Then it shows this a black screen with bubbles and a loading bar at the bottom. The bar moves to near the end and stops. It's been 45 minutes. It managed to get to windows once, but had to restart because of customization. Now it's stuck again for another half hour. Is this normal? I'm afraid of removing battery again or letting it shut off. Can someone shed some light? thanks.
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    That sounds and looks bad. But lets see if we can get it out of that frozen state. My first guess is that the battery did not have enough charge to handle the resets. My second guess is that you did not hold the button down until the right time, according to the manual you have to keep the button pressed until you see the Erase all data message (that happened to me once and scared the heck out of me)

    Plug in the phone to the outlet and do a soft reset by hitting the reset pin on the back. Still stuck?

    If things don't improve, unplug the phone, then remove the battery again. Wait somewhere around 30 seconds before putting it back (flash memory takes a bit before settling down after power has been removed). Remove any SD card you may have and also switch the ringer to normal (in case you had it in vibrate mode). Put the battery back in. Plug the phone back into the outlet. If stuck try a second hard reset.

    If nothing works then you may be facing a visit to a Sprint tech support desk... which would be a shame. Hopefully you won't have to do that.
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