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    I'm presently using T-Mobile. Everytime I'm in Mexico, I get to taste 3G.

    So, I'm considering switching to AT&T. I do connect my laptop to the phone for internet access, when I travel. On EDGE, this is slow, but it works. I have heard things about "tethering" on AT&T, and they don't allow it. This might just be an iPhone issue.

    I'm using WM*WifiRouter by Morose Media. Works great. I can either connect with the USB cable or create a mini Wifi Router. Battery life on the Pro suffers greatly under the Wifi. But this thing really works.

    I just need to make sure I can still connect my laptop though the phone before I switch to AT&T. This would be a deal breaker, if I can't.

    Can an AT&T user step forward and let me know? Thanks.
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    Technically tethering works but it's not allowed by terms of service of AT&T. It's general rule for all phones, not just for iPhone. My suggestion, keep bandwidth usage lower if you do tether. If the bandwidth usage is excessively high, AT&T will soon know what you are doing. AT&T do offer 5GB/month tethering plan for $60. You can do anything you want (within 5GB limit of course).
    By the way, I believe normal unlimited data plan doesn't include international roaming. You need additional plan in order not to receive sky high bill.
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    Thanks for the quick response. I'll talk to AT&T about this a bit. I doubt my usage would be very high, since it would only be when not in a hotel or office or Airport lounge.

    AT&T actually offers a Mexico roaming plan, with minutes and Data for a fixed amount. T-Mobile, if you sign up for the "International Blackberry" plan, you get unlimited data internationally. Minutes are charged per minute.
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    You can use the Pro with tethering in AT&T, there is no technical barrier there. As mentioned is a matter of terms of contract and of course, it would be unwise an unprofesional from me to even suggest that using Internet Sharing from the Pro can give you access to data services in your laptop without mayor problems.

    In terms of their plans the price is rather steep ($100+ a month for data only!). If you travel a lot (and I mean a lot!) probably is good to have it.
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