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    I don't have Sling, but have nixed the idea because of the rez issue. Any of you folks want to try the new app and see if it works on our Treo Pro?

    Sling Media Releases SlingPlayer Mobile 2 for Windows Phones From "Sling in the News: Sling Community
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    It says it supports the Treo Pro, but since I have a slingbox classic I'm not sure it will work properly.
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    thanks for the heads up NRG

    it said my Slingbox A/V is not supported, but played it anyway. The remote menu system isn't real responsive, and gets in the way of the video. tapping the video makes the menu disappear. it's more touch-friendly of course.

    my 2 cents...
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    I own a Slingbox Pro and I just tested it with the Treo Pro. Works like a charm and the new UI on the slingmedia is very user and finger friendly, no more pecking with a stylus to change channels or choose options.

    The video quality has been certainly upped. You can choose between High-def and standard def. This pertains only to the quality of the stream and not neccessarily to the actual source. The standard-def is blocky but very fast (low bitrates) but the high-def is extremely polished.
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    Is there a full screen feature in the new version? Or scaling features? Screenshots anyone?

    Has anyone got it to work with the slingbox classic?
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    am i the only one whose new sling software does not work?

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