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    Does anyone know if a Treo Pro will pick up a WIFI signal to send and receive e-mail on a Carnival Cruise ship. I am getting different answers to that question when I call Carnival & Sprint tech support.
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    I went on a Carnival cruise a few months ago. Yes, you will get a wifi signal, but you have to pay for it. I don't remember how much it was though.
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    Put it away.
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    you can use it, your pda will connect fine. its just a Nomadix AG 3100 gateway they use, simple http authentication its over sat so its gonna be really slow, they charge by time usage not by megabites so the only think is make sure you sign out since i dont think you can get popups!

    other then that... but really i'd just enjoy your vacation and queue up e-mail and send/receive at free wifi hotspots on the islands
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    I took a Princess Cruise several months ago and wifi was very expensive and slow as one of the responses says. The internet cafe was also down for most of the one week cruise and they basically warn you to expect this. (Carnival and Princess are in the same ownership group).

    Also, as a side note, be sure to turn your data OFF while on the ship because they actually create some kind of roaming cellular network and before you know it you will be connected to a very expensive data network, aside from any wifi network.

    The whole voice and data thing with your phone on a cruise ship could be very expensive so be careful! Unless this is critical for you I would suggest you try and avoid using it as you could in effect be paying international roaming rates which can add up very quickly!
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