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    When I first bought my Sprint Treo Pro it was extremely snappy - no lags whatsoever. Recently, though, I have begun to notice system lags at intermittent times, maybe 4 seconds or so, showing up most visibly while playing Bejeweled

    Tonight I decided to see what I could about that after reading an article regarding multitasking on phones - the debate rages on. Some believe multitasking is a crown jewel, others believe it simply slows down systems with restricted hardware designs (like our phones, with CPU and memory restrictions). That got me thinking: Are the lags multitasking based? I have been feeling that they indeed are, so I went and tried a few things.

    Many "non system required" startup programs are activated by shortcuts in \Windows\Startup. I went into mine and found:

    Voice Command

    TA is Treo Alert Pro, and that stays.

    It turns out that I turned on Voice Command once and then turned it off. Yet it seem to look like the system keeps the Voice Command startup shortcut in the subdirectory, only to have the system shut it down immediately after it starts due to my settings. I think that's stupid, so I moved the shortcut to storage.

    Poutlook: is the Pocket Outlook function that (seems) to enable automatic background syncs. Since I do not auto sync my email it is useless - sent to storage.

    But the one I really felt made a difference - HTC_CM_Guardian. This is a program that automatically restores the Sprint proxy settings for data access. Regretfully, people report that it does so ongoing, never ending and repeatedly, based upon an internal schedule. As long as you don't fool around with your Sprint proxy settings (and I DON'T) - you don't need this background task constantly running. Sent this one to storage for sure.

    I moved all 3 shortcuts to storage and did a soft reset. I found that I now have 3MB more memory and more importantly...a snappier system! I have tested a variety of apps and not only does the entire system seem snappier but it seems that the persistent memory leak from PIE / IE6, Opera Mobile and several other apps has disappeared. It may be too early to tell but it seems that my phone has stabilized at 39MB free and always returns to that number after I close all apps I choose to open - it doesn't matter, 39MB it is, solid.

    If you have Outlook auto sync make sure you keep poutlook, but IMHO HTC_CM_Guardian can certainly go and free up a (laggy!) background task, and the same goes for Voice Command if you do not have it activated. If your proxy settings do get corrupted for some silly reason just move the shortcut out of storage and back into \Windows\Startup then soft reset - everything should be back to normal.

    Just like our Windows've got to keep track of what the system is doing behind your backs.
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    i saved 3mb also!
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    quick question - how do you "move" this file using File Explorer?
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    you need resco explorer or similar
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    Quote Originally Posted by ooxteme View Post
    you need resco explorer or similar
    Nah, no you don't - I used WinMo's standard File Explorer. When you tap the file name on the screen, tap&hold rather than tap& release - it is the equivalent of a "right click" and you'll open up a popup menu. Select "Cut".

    Paste the file to a new location by doing the same technique - tap&hold to open up the popup menu, select "Paste".
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    your right i just find resco explorer easier
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    That was a great tip, freed up a lot of mem..Thanks

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