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    My 800w refuses to reset. Followed the instructions (remove battery, hold down off button, release when palm logo and progress bar shows), but the phone restarts as normal. I need to hard reset as the phone has slowed down to a crawl and need to see if this will resolve the issue...

    Any tips?

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    Try continuing to hold the power button well after the logo and progress bar shows.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Forgiven View Post
    Try continuing to hold the power button well after the logo and progress bar shows.
    no luck...
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    hold the red button while you click reset with the stylus and then choose up on the restore menu
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    what's wrong with your moblie
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    You'll need to download GetSPC to find out your MSL code.

    I can't post links yet but put www in front of the address below: (if this link doesn't work then try googling "GetSPC" or checking the download section)

    Once you know your MSL code press ##786# from the Dialpad to get into your phone info menu.

    From there just hit Options and then RTN Reset and your phone will be wiped out and like the day out of the box.

    Not sure if it's like the old days, but don't try punching in a wrong MSL code more than 5 times as you may lock yourself out.

    You can call Sprint to get your MSL as well.
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    I had one HELL of a time trying to hard reset.I followed the intrusctions I found online, which were: remove the battery, hold end, reinsert the battery, let go of end when boot screen appears.

    Didn't work for me time after time. I finally headed back to google and did new searching, which after a while, lead me to a second set of intructions: remove the battery cover, hold end, remove the battery, replace the battery, let go of end when the boot screen appears.

    That did it! Start holding end BEFORE removing the battery, not after removing it. Maybe OP was reading the same first instructions as I was.

    (I realize OP's post is OLD, but maybe it will help someone else.)
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    Hard Reset

    1. Hold down the red power button the entire time removing the battery and putting the battery in. If you slip just a little holding that button it will not hard reset. Hold it for at least a minute. When you take your finger off the power button it should ask to Hard Reset.

    2. On the phone dial pad, press ##786#. Press the bottom right soft key. Agree to reset.

    Both of these will wipe out the entire phone. All information will be lost. If your Hard Resetting because your device has slowed considerably do not perform a back up. Most likely something installed prior has caused the slow down. Install items one at a time this way you know which program is hurting performance.
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