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    So I've noticed on my 8 month old PTP (Alltel) that the pics are just awful, especially when compared to the same phone mom-in-law has.

    I took a looksie at the lens, and noticed scratches on the lens. Actually, they look more like lines across the lens. That would explain it.

    Anyone know where I can find a replacement lens?
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    I presume you've tried taking off the back cover and just cleaning off the lens? Cleaning it makes a huge difference in the quality of my photos. Not sure about replacing it, though. Mine also has several scratches and the coating over the lens has worn off. Still takes better pics than any other camera phone I've owned.
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    my camera has some scuffs as well. I've been curious if there's a Dremel tool bit that could polish it back smooth again?
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    @pdaholic - Yep, I've cleaned the heck out of it, several times, always with a lenscloth.

    @doubleu - that's an idea. I'm curious on that too. hmm
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    bringing some life back to this thread.

    I found a couple of "for parts" PTPs on ebay, but can't get any pics of the lens. Anyone have anything yet on the replacing of the lens, or fixes for it?
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    So it seems that the lens isn't the issue. its the "window" on the back cover for mine.

    Still a matter of finding a replacement part, or donation carcass.

    Found the dis-assembly instructions though!

    Treo Pro Disassembly Guide | SmartDeviceResource

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