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    I have a WM5 tre0 700wx with verizon, but I don't have a data plan. I use the phone as a PDA, and sync to outlook/exchange via a cradle. I just don't get enough benefit to justify the cost of a data plan.
    I've asked verizon about newer phones that I could use in the same manner (using activesync without a data plan). They told me that because all the newer phones were using windows mobile 6, that it was not possible to activate them with the evdo data connection disabled.
    I am thinking that this isn't true, and they are just trying to get an extra $30 a month out of me. I want to flash my 700wx to wm6.1, but I want to make sure that the phone will still work with no data plan.
    Has anyone else done this?
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    you can do the update, the deal with the data plan is, any phone that was introduced after november of 2008 require the data plan. I have run into the same problem..I love having a PC on my phone, but am not interested in surfing with it.
    Yes verizon is trying to upsell you into a data plan. it took me several hours on the phone to find out the specifics of which phones "require" the data plan.
    The phones don't "require" the data plan, or even broadband access, that's verizon's policy.

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