I posted this before but it was in a thread which I believe covered a slightly different topic.

I want to apologize if this is a redundant thread but I did search extensively for the answer. I found a thread which I thought was related to this topic (I would link the thread but the site wont let me). It answers my question if I have the correct understanding of what "PUSH" is.

My problem is as follows:

I have no data plan for the treo 700wx. When I first set up Outlook 2007 to recieve e-mails from my Gmail account I set up a POP account. The Outlook POP account would (I guess) read the gmail e-mails and copy them into its own folder. After doing so I would sync my treo with Outlook and the POP e-mail would copy over to the treo. I could then read the Outlook e-mails in my treo and reply to them with the Treo. Once I re-synced my treo with my PC, Outlook would then receive the reply from the Treo and forward it on to my gmail account.

This is all fine and good, but naturally it's a POP account and as such there is a lot of copied e-mails and confusion between Gmail and Outlook, not the treo and Outlook.

Then, I later set up an IMAP and SMTP account in place of the POP to communicate between Gmail and Outlook. Naturally in Outlook this created a separate folder from the "Personal Folders". The separate folder is named "Username@gmail.com" and Outlook will not forward the "Username@gmail.com" e-mails to the treo 700wx.
Is this what the "PUSH" feature is referring to? People that have no data accounts on their phone will receive e-mails from their e-mail client's IMAP through some kind of forwarding?

Can I get Outlook 2007 to send the gmail e-mails to my treo while still using IMAP? Is there just some Outlook 2007 setting that I'm not seeing. I've looked for awhile to find a solution and am now resorting to posting.

To test it out I sent an e-mail to myself with my treo on the outlook IMAP setting it did sync over to outlook and then to gmail.

All I need to know is if there is a way to send the e-mails from gmail to Outlook, then to the treo once it syncs with an IMAP setting. I can write an e-mail in the treo and have it send once it syncs without the phone automatically resorting to data. I suppose I could have outlook read the Gmail account through IMAP and then have it copy the e-mails over to the “personal folders”. If I had to resort to that then I may as well put the settings back to POP.

Also is there a way to modify what Outlook's .psd file contains?

Thanks for all your help