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    i noticed a change right before my eyes when the clock hit 12 on the 1st of the new year. Usually the Threaded SMS shows the following:

    ME (10:36 PM): text text text
    Regina (10:37 PM): reply reply reply

    but right after midnight it changed to this ...

    ME (10:36 PM): text text text
    Regina (1/1): reply reply reply

    And it only does it to the person you are talking to. This is pretty annoying because i like knowing how long ago i missed or received a txt. I looked everywhere for a setting on this and cant seem to figure it out. Anybody else have or notice this problem ?
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    I noticed the same thing.
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    I believe it's actually a problem with the year change. When I send messages, it shows the correct time stamp (and the correct date the following day). When I receive messages, it shows that they were received 1/1/16 on the inbox. Is this just a verizon/alltel issue, or are you guys on a different service?
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    I am having the same problem on Sprint.
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    I have the same problem as well.
    I have the Sprint Treo Pro.
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    found this:

    installed it on my treo pro with 800w threaded sms, and all is fixed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by doubleu View Post
    found this:

    installed it on my treo pro with 800w threaded sms, and all is fixed.
    Thank You. That fixed it.
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    yeah i noticed today it was something wrong with the date cause all txt changed to 1/2 (todays date) but anyways, someone way more qualified than me already found the problem and made a work around =)

    the above fixed it =) THANKS!!!
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    Oh man thank God there's a fix/work around for this!
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    ^^This is taken from the comments section of that WMexperts link...

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    "This is NOT a FIX people! This is a workaround that is causing the text to use the time on your phone for time and date of message as opposed to the time and date the message was actually sent.

    This may not be important to some but to others the actual time and date it was sent could be very important (if the text was sent last nite, when your phone was off, the next time you turn it on and receive the msg, it will seem as though it was sent when you turned it on, etc etc)

    The problem is still being worked on and a real fix will come, but this is a workaround for the time being.

    So, just an FYI to keep in mind.
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    i am having the same problem.

    i'm gonna dload the fix and follow this thread for the REAL fix.
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    workaround worked on my Palm Treo 850 Pro (T850EWW-1.04-SPT) running Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro with Sprint.

    If anyone finds the actual FIX please post....
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    This worked for mine too (STP). Tought I was going nutz seeing the 2016 year in all incoming texts.
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    Yep, got this issue as well. Has there been any real fix?
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    Thanks for that work around fix. Only thing that sucks is that it still does not sort text messages in any logical order in your sms inbox. I have the Treo Pro anybody else have that problem still?
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    I have a Sprint Treo Pro with the same issue. This silly stuff upsets me. We pay good money for the product and service to have these things happen. The turn around time for this problem is unacceptable. I have always loved my windows phones, but I cant quite figure this one out.
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    ya ive noticed after the 2016 fix that the order is a messed up
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    Sprint Treo Pro, stock ROM.

    Problem initially, did not patch. Problem now gone. Think Sprint fixed their problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by headcronie View Post
    Sprint Treo Pro, stock ROM.

    Problem initially, did not patch. Problem now gone. Think Sprint fixed their problem.
    So you had this same problem and today it fixed itself??
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    I have the same problem, no time stamp on incoming sms messages. I just got off the phone with palm who has confirmed that it is a problem with windows mobile from Microsoft. Palm said that Microsoft is aware of the problem and said that if there is a fix they should post it on their website, but I asked for Microsoft's tech number 800-936-4900, palm said I could call them to check the status on a fix. I have not yet called, so I have no idea what they will say. Will be calling later today or sometime this week.
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