Some of you may remember, I switched to the BB 9700 6 weeks back. This is my first BB and here is some of what I observed:

What I miss from the TP:
No way to edit an E-Mail before forwarding or replying.

The user defined buttons, there are only two in the BB.

There are others but these are two biggies for me.

What I like in the 9700:
The smooth web browsing and switching between application.

The stability of the OS

The battery - easy two full days.

The built quality and choice of materials - no constant worrying about smudges and scratches.

Again, these are the biggies

Will I go back to WM? Probably not, I was always more of a Palm person than a WM person.

Ofcourse above all I miss TreoCentral and all the helpful members.