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    So I've abruptly developed a new problem after using my treo pro for at least 6 months without major problem. Just starting yesterday, my Treo Pro consistently crashes in SMS. I have not installed anything new yesterday or done anything out of the ordinary. I do not use the phone for browsing the internet so doubt i picked up a virus in that manner.

    The problem starts small and gets progressively worse each time. First it lets me open up a message and type maybe 20-30 words before crashing, then it progresses so that it'll only allow 5 words, then none, then messaging will crash as soon as I open it. At this point, all phone functions are very delayed taking extended periods of time to open or close a program. Other programs (like calendar) will also randomly crash at this point. Ironically, use of periods or spaces seem to trigger the sms crashes and the sms program will crash faster. I'have'to'use'apostrophes'to'divide'words'like'this. Anything else and it begins crashing, ultimately requiring a soft reboot.

    Anyone experiencing this and if so, have ANY suggestions?? Thanks in advance.
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    I'm having this same issue. Does anyone have suggestions on what to do?
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    Yea something is definately up with the messaging on the treo pro I've had problems and I've seen other people that have.

    I've read that if you let your inbox and outbox build up too many messages (I had a couple thousand) it just makes everything go "boom" when you try to delete them and stuff.

    I was also told from palm tech support that my problem was probably a corrupted file, and I should do a hard reset.

    I got really frustrated and ended up just backing up all my files, doing a hard reset, and restoring. I then went in and did a clear SMS/MMS and it worked. Soo that might be your best bet, however there are some other options out there you can explore first...
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    i would backup files and hard reset that almost always clears up any little annoying bugs!!
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    I had this same issue on my 1st treo pro... I just contributed it to dropping it one too many times. I never thought a hard reset might fix it... Hmm it might be re-sellable now...
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    i saw on here yesterday on here that some had a early relsese of the actual sms fix from palm i got it and it worked for me
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    I ended up having to backup and hard rest, although if i restored full settings i restored the problem again. I ended up restoring most things and not a couple of the settings. I think i tried the palm sms fix before hard reseting and unfortunately i don't think it worked for me. But since hard reset i have installed the palm sms fix and hopefully the problem won't reoccur in the future.

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