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    I just switched from a Nokia E63 to a new TP (paid only $200 at Dell!!!)

    A big difference I've noticed is that the TP likes to keep the data connection open even if it's not being used whereas the Nokia would close when you exit the browser... or finish what you're doing...

    I've been turning it off manually at the Connection Manager... but I don't want to be doing that all the time... is there any disadvantage to leaving it on? Is there a way to automatically turn it off when not required?

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    I normally leave my data connection on 24/7 (I'm on ATT, with an unlimited monthly data plan), to allow my weather program to get updates around the clock. Once in a while, it disconnects (usually due to a poor signal), so I just go in and manually reconnect it. I don't think there is any harm to keeping it on at all times. Just make sure you have the unlimited monthly data plan!

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