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    I'm about to do a hard reset and update my treo pro and was hoping for some input on the best free programs out there that are 'must-haves'. Many of the other threads about must-have programs end up circulating around programs that cost $$$...which I don't want to spend. So I'd appreciate some help.

    I'll already plan on adding the reg edits and treo alert pro from the stickies. Probably Opera and Skyfire for browsing, and I'll add many google apps such as google maps for navigation. And probably weatherpanel. But what else should I add?

    ideas for a free:
    alarm clock?
    best free UI?
    other free programs you can't do without (or are just fun/convenient to have)?

    Thanks for the help! Much appreciated!
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    best free UI?
    That one's easy. Androkkid. Donationware, but not donating doesn't leave any limitations. I've used this both on my Treo Pro & my Tilt 2. It's basically an Android-like UI that's very customizable with widgets & themes. And has a growing community over at
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