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    I dont have outlook on my computer and I dont have the $125 to buy it. Is there any other way to back up my contacts from my Pro? I need to try a hard reset to see it it gets my key lock to work again and I don't want to loose all my information.
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    Assuming you have a data plan,back it up online with Microsoft My-Phone: My Phone

    Another solution is a pick up MS Office 2003 from Ebay/Craigslist. I have seen it real cheap on CL.

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    U da man. Thanks a bunch.
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    Well crap I got the back up done and did a hard boot. Then I restored and now the dang thing is doing exactly what it was before. How do I get the blasted key guard to work again. i keep **** (ok more like hip) calling customers and it isn't funny.
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    Ahhh finally got it. Had to go back through and resync one folder at a time till I figured out that it was a text message that was causing the problem. Finally I can lock my keys.
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    like the earlier poster said myphone is the best bet
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    Setup your phone to sync with gmail via activesync. Works awesome and your contacts are always backed up.

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